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Eliminate Connection Fees

Utilize our services paying just a 20% direct cost (as opposed to our 39% fee on Basic) to cover Taxes, Benefits, and Liability Insurances. No additional fees added on top!

Free Permanent Job Posts

Post as many jobs as you need to on our Permanent Job Board which is advertised to our Dental Specific Network of professionals.

Complimentary Cancellations

We understand that plans change and sometimes, you may need to cancel a job. With Stynt Pro, there are no worries. Your monthly subscription includes up to three free cancellations/month with absolutely no cancellation fee!

Net 7 Day Hour Approval Window

Offices on our Basic package have a two-day approval window for temp jobs. That means, they have two business days after someone has worked to review the hours they clocked in and out for and approve those before we bill. Stynt Pro Subscribers get Net 7 Days to approve hours, so the hours for jobs last week can be approved and billed the following week

Use our payroll system, SecurePay, to manage payments for your temporary staff.

SecurePay is an ideal solution for offices looking to minimize risk when hiring temporary workers from their own network or when bringing in candidates for working interviews for permanent positions. With SecurePay, we take care of payroll, taxes, and benefits, helping you avoid the risks of unemployment claims and worker misclassification associated with short-term assignments. Since the connection wasn’t made through Stynt, we charge a reduced fee of only 15%.

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