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Never cancel a patient because you can’t find staff again! Stynt helps fill both short and long-term roles nationwide, connecting you with quality Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants, Dentists, Office Managers, & Front Desk professionals.

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Hire Confidently:

Our sophisticated matching algorithms ensure the best professional placements. We make filling open shifts fast, easy & convenient. Our review system allows offices and professionals to share their experiences through seamless interactions while providing full transparency.

W2 Employment:

All of our professionals are W2 employees, we handle payroll, taxes, benefits, and liabilities to make life easier for the offices and to help mitigate the risk of misclassification.

Manage Multiple Locations:

Conveniently manage multiple practices under one account. Stynt is a one-stop shop to fill all of your staffing needs and manages all your locations.

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